Pneumonia Test

1. Pneumonia is the most common cause of infectious death in the US. (True / False - 10 Points)
2. Pneumonia is characterized by an infection of the lung that impairs gas exchange. (True / False - 10 Points)
3. According to the federal government; pneumonia is mandated by federal guidelines. (True / False - 10 Points)
4. According to governmental guidelines; every suspected case should have a CBC drawn and UA specimen if indicated. (True / False - 10 Points)
5. Pneumonia is NOT classified by etiology or location. (True / False - 10 Points)
6. Pneumonia risk factors include elderly; alcoholism; smoking. (True / False - 10 Points)
7. BACTERIAL pneumonia can be caused by influenza virus; respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and adenovirus. (True / False - 10 Points)
8. Augmentin is the drug of choice for treatment of VIRAL pneumonia. (True / False - 10 Points)
9. Viral pneumonia always presents with onset of pleuritic pain; cough; purulent sputum; chills and fever. (True / False - 10 Points)
10. Appropriate antibiotics to treat pneumonia are Zithromax; Rocephin and Augmentin. (True / False - 10 Points)
11. Avelox is the drug of choice to treat pneumocystis carinii. (True / False - 10 Points)
12. More than 4 million patients with pneumonia die annually. (True / False - 10 Points)
13. Core measures are: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
14. Core measures have not been shown to improve clinical outcomes for patients because they are not evidenced based. (True / False - 10 Points)
15. Core measure guidelines include that for every suspected case of pneumonia the following should be obtained: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
16. When pneumonia is suspected; blood cultures should be performed after the patient has been in the hospital for a few days. (True / False - 10 Points)
17. Initial antibiotics must be received within 12 hours of patient's arrival according to Joint Commission. (True / False - 10 Points)
18. With viral pneumonia; white blood cells such as lymphocytes can activate certain chemical cytokines which allow fluid to leak into the alveoli. (True / False - 10 Points)
19. With bacterial pneumonia; bacteria invade the spaces between cells and between alveoli through connecting pores. (True / False - 10 Points)
20. Admission justification includes dyspnea and pulmonary edema on x-ray. (True / False - 10 Points)
21. Content of this activity was free of commercial bias? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
22. Presentation level and content was appropriate? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
23. Your educational needs were satisfied, and you will apply what you have learned in your practice? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
24. Educational design and format was clear and easy to understand? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
25. Stated objectives were clearly presented and met? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)