Meningitis Test

1. With meningitis; the inflammation can only affect one part of the brain such as the dura matter. (True / False - 10 Points)
2. Subacute and Chronic Meningitis can be caused by Lyme disease and Sarcoidosis. (True / False - 10 Points)
3. The following are symptoms of meningitis: weakness; flu-like symptoms; nausea and vomiting. (True / False - 10 Points)
4. One of the disorders that can mimic meningitis include bacterial endocarditis. (True / False - 10 Points)
5. Lab analysis for meningitis include high sugar; low neutrophiles and negative gram stains. (True / False - 10 Points)
6. Because acute bacterial meningitis can be lethal within hours it must be suspected; diagnosed and treated carefully and slowly. (True / False - 10 Points)
7. Lumbar puncture is not necessary if the CT has been ordered. (True / False - 10 Points)
8. When an LP is done you should insert the needle in the space between T12 and L1. (True / False - 10 Points)
9. Medical legal pitfalls include: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
10. Meningitis usually does not follow the onset of respiratory symptoms. (True / False - 10 Points)
11. A 6-week-old infant that is diagnosed with bacterial meningitis has a very good prognosis. (True / False - 10 Points)
12. Meningitis may also be caused by: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
13. Some of the physical findings of meningitis include: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
14. If bacterial meningitis is strongly suspected it is best to begin antibiotics within 24 hours after the CT or lumbar puncture is done. (True / False - 10 Points)
15. The treatment plan for a 27-year-old male patient diagnosed with septic meningitis should include: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
16. You should not consider the diagnosis of meningitis whenever a patient complains of severe headache and neck stiffness. (True / False - 10 Points)
17. All of the patients that are diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis develop a rash throughout their body. (True / False - 10 Points)
18. Meningitis should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of a patient with an unexplained change in mental status. (True / False - 10 Points)
19. The prognosis of meningitis caused by opportunistic pathogens can also depend on the underlying immune function of the host. (True / False - 10 Points)
20. Meningitis is no longer treated with the antibiotic Rocephin. (True / False - 10 Points)
21. Content of this activity was free of commercial bias? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
22. Presentation level and content was appropriate? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
23. Your educational needs were satisfied, and you will apply what you have learned in your practice? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
24. Educational design and format was clear and easy to understand? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
25. Stated objectives were clearly presented and met? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)