Leadership Test

1. Character; as defined as qualities of honesty; courage; or the like; is important to being a good leader. (True / False - 10 Points)
2. As a physician leader; character is important (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
3. As a physician leader; it is important that you have a vision for your job. What you aim for is what you are likely to hit. If your vision is big; then you are more likely to see your target. (True / False - 10 Points)
4. Can you have fun and still display good character? (True / False - 10 Points)
5. As a physician leader; it is always important to be honest. (True / False - 10 Points)
6. Gossip is ok, as long as it is true. (True / False - 10 Points)
7. If you only see a Hospital's or community's flaws; then the workplace will only be seen negatively. (True / False - 10 Points)
8. As a physician leader; it is important to catch someone doing good. Encouragement can be a great motivator. (True / False - 10 Points)
9. You can speak words of encouragement by saying things like: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
10. When encouraging; you might want to write a letter: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
11. Content of this activity was free of commercial bias? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
12. Presentation level and content was appropriate? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
13. Your educational needs were satisfied, and you will apply what you have learned in your practice? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
14. Educational design and format was clear and easy to understand? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
15. Stated objectives were clearly presented and met? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)