Chest Pain and Heart Attack Test

1. Coronary ischemia is NOT the most common cause of death in the United States. (True / False - 10 Points)
2. Initial treatment for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is aspirin; oxygen; sublingual nitroglycerin and morphine. (True / False - 10 Points)
3. In evaluating chest pain; the ER physician should not repeat cardiac enzymes every 2-3 hours. Normally they do not elevate in an acute coronary syndrome. (True / False - 10 Points)
4. Risk factors for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) include diabetes; obesity and family history of coronary artery disease. (True / False - 10 Points)
5. The American Heart Association suggests that an EKG be performed within 10 minutes of patient's arrival to ER. (True / False - 10 Points)
6. Contraindications to thrombolytics are suspected aortic dissection; malignant intracranial neoplasm and intra-cerebral bleed. (True / False - 10 Points)
7. An ER physician should not have to be concerned with consulting a cardiologist when the patient complains of persistent chest pain; has ST changes or CHF. (True / False - 10 Points)
8. Chest pain is not the #1 liability risk for ER physicians - pneumonia is. (True / False - 10 Points)
9. An ER physician will only be found guilty 10% of the time in a court of law when he or she fails to diagnose a patient with acute MI. (True / False - 10 Points)
10. Immediate assessment of acute coronary syndrome includes EKG; CXR; cardiac enzymes; CBC; BMP; PT/PTT. (True / False - 10 Points)
11. The following may look like acute coronary syndrome, but it is not: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points
12. Core measures for AMI include: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
13. According to core measure guidelines fibrinolytics should be given after a few hours of arrival and PCI within a couple of hours. (True / False - 10 Points)
14. Thrombolytics are not indicated if Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) is not available within 90 minutes of presentation. (True / False - 10 Points)
15. If nitroglycerin does not work for chest pain (and you’ve got BP to work with) give morphine. (True / False - 10 Points)
16. The ER physician can rule out chest pain by giving the patient a GI cocktail. (True / False - 10 Points)
17. It is safe to say that the patient is not having a heart attack if their EKG is normal. (True / False - 10 Points)
18. Your immediate assessment for acute coronary syndrome is: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
19. Repeat assessment if first cardiac enzymes (CE); EKG and chest pain etiology are not clear (True / False - 10 Points)
20. Contraindications for intravenous nitroglycerin include: (Multiple Choice - 10 Points)
21. Content of this activity was free of commercial bias? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
22. Presentation level and content was appropriate? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
23. Your educational needs were satisfied, and you will apply what you have learned in your practice? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
24. Educational design and format was clear and easy to understand? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)
25. Stated objectives were clearly presented and met? (Answer not graded- Survey Question)